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Bands We Like: Bangladeshi Industrial Queen Android Lust

New York’s Shikhee sings with a coldness that shrivels warm expressions. The latest collection of songs from her Android Lust project brings live instrumentation into her industrial production. For this release, she walked around the city and captured sounds on tape, brought them back to the lab and mangled them into parts alongside distorted synths and filtered drum machine sounds for her evil, evil music.

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Android Lust's newest tracks are tantalizingly gloomy.

The Human Animal is Shikhee’s fourth album as Android Lust, and the first released on her own imprint Synthellec. The first work released under this concept was 2006’s Devour, Rise and Take Flight. Two more Android Lust albums were later released on Projekt Records. On this newest one, the Bangladeshi-born New Yorker sticks to the heavy sound she forged with earlier releases.

“It’s On You” is one of the few tracks that has even an inkling of Desi elements from Shikhee, who is originally Bangladeshi. The bulk of the tracks buzz your headphones with NIN-style production balanced with Portishead-style vocals (not to oversimplify). She’s liberal with the overdrive, a jarring fuzz appearing and reappearing, contrasting against Shikhee’s sometimes complacent and often pained singing voice.

The album occasionally breaks from the grit and into more defined melodies as on “Into the Sun,” but quickly returns to the slow grinding beats. The record makes for a engaging listen to complement bad weather. Every track is alluring in the darkest way. About halfway through the record, the name starts to make perfect sense. Androids don’t love. They are heartless, cold and steely, and will tear you to shreds not because they can or because they want to, but just because. Androids don’t love, all they have is Android Lust.

Check out some tracks.

An early Android Lust video


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November 4, 2010 at 6:30 pm