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Santa Ana's Mezzo Asks You, Why Not Nothing?

Image credit: Nates James & DTCPU

Ana San is  collective consisting of four beatmakers from sunny Santa Ana, California. Inspired by the sounds of LA’s Low End Theory, Mezzo, Ages, DTCPU, and Barefoot Shrubs began creating beats, and each of them has dropped an EP or two of instrumental gems.

The newest gold from the crew is Mezzo’s Why Not Nothing EP, a collection of low tempo (and occasionally no tempo) songs composed of textured drones and mystery drum sounds.

The cryptic melodies come together in a piecemeal way, echoing a lot of sounds coming out of LA today, but keeping the mood darker than what you’ve heard before.

All proceeds from Why Not Nothing will be donated to Japan Tsunami & Earthquake Relief efforts.

Get the album here and hear a track below.

DPT by mezzo


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April 28, 2011 at 5:26 pm

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