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Northern Ireland's Boxcutter Melts Into The Dissolve

Photo credit: Dots and Dashes

He’s got an abrasive name, but Boxcutter’s songs are a futuristic take on jazz, funk, and fusion. The Northern Ireland producer got picked up by Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu for his garage and two-step infused beats. The tracks from his newest album The Dissolve are for more organic, sounding more like a band than a single producer at times.

A couple of these tracks will remind you of the good old days of down tempo, led by the sounds of Jazzanova and 4Hero: crisp drums, syncopated rhythms, and sustained key chords. Others kick back to Boxcutter’s affinity for two-step. The bulk of the tracks, however, are fully electronic and packed with bass. But this is all a little more clever than what gets played at clubs and warehouse parties.

Check out the video for “TV Troubles” below and see where Boxcutter got the image for the cover art for “The Dissolve.” Sabrina Ratte’s video kicks back to the color saturated 80s for this track.


BOXCUTTER – TV TROUBLES from Sabrina Ratté on Vimeo.


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