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French Producer Onra's "Sitting Back" Gets a VHS Treatment

Photo credit: Onra/MySpace. RBMARadio

Someone helped French producer Onra work his mojo with ladies from the 80s. Director Matt Ferran edited together clips from a collection of old videos along with footage of Onra on stage happily tapping away on his MPC.

Between the ethereal pop beat of “Sitting Back,” the soft focus on the old footage and Onra’s retro hairdo and relaxed smile, this video will make you believe that true love only ever came to be on a dance floor that ceased to exist more than two decades ago. It’s the kind of love girls giggle about at slumber parties, and it’s a love nerds just can’t handle.

Let Onra teach you about love.


Onra – Sitting Back – Official Video from Matt Ferran on Vimeo.


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April 25, 2011 at 6:05 pm

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