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Albino MC Albion Drops a New Video for "Frozen"

Image credit: Fashionotes.com

When I first heard of Albion, he was called Translucent and was half of the duo Lu…Rreals. It was two MC’s and a $#!+load of words per second: high quality machine gun rap.

The next time I came across the albino artist from New York, he was a model in an ad for Givenchy.

The combination of his height, looks, and albinism are apparently in style.

Though his unusual skin tone gained him some notoriety in the fashion world, his artistic endeavors haven’t changed. In fact, they’ve evolved since the days of Lu…Rreals. Rolling solo now, the guy is still full of amazing lyrics.

His rhymes are intelligent yet playful, and every punchline cuts like a blade. In his new video for “Frozen,” Albion acts out every metaphor he spits in quick succession. It’s a feast for the eyes, and not just because you’re watching an Albino model rap a mile a minute.

Watch the video for “Frozen” below, directed by James Clifford Fair III and shot all over Albion’s native New York City.


ALBION – FROZEN from James Clifford Fair III on Vimeo.


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