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Italy's Digi G'Alessio Abhores Pop Icons Too

Image credit" Digi G'Alessio/MySpace

Band names make fun of people often these days. Joy Orbison, Flosstradamus, Taprikk Sweezee, Klaus & Kinski…

Digi G’Alessio is a producer from Florence whose name is a switcheroo of Italian pop singer Gigi D’Alessio. Gigi is wack. Digi, however, makes beats the way I make macaroni: with a lot of cheese and little samples of just about everything.

The tracks are pretty synthy and minimal but groovy as hell, a little like Dabrye. Digi’s not afraid to throw a cowbell in either. It’s a bold choice.

His six track EP Disco Zambra came out last month. The record is made with sounds that must have occurred in old school video games at one point or another.

As far as the original, Gigi D’Alessio, the guy’s music is… well, maybe you should judge for yourself. See why he’s the object of Digi’s jeering?

<a href=”http://digigalessio.bandcamp.com/track/disco-zambra-pt3&#8243; mce_href=”http://digigalessio.bandcamp.com/track/disco-zambra-pt3″>disco zambra pt3 by digi g’alessio</a>


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