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Mike Gao's Glitchy, Bass-Heavy Sun Shadows Out Today

Image credit: Machina Muerte

If you’re in LA today, you might notice strange Sun Shadows cast on the sidewalk and odd noises echoing through the streets. Mike Gao’s new album drops today, and it’s thus far the most hi-tech record to emerge from the LA beat scene.

Gao is a Stanford educated music-machine-maker (I think that’s the technical term for what he does), and Sun Shadows employs his finest inventions to date.

In a movement of music that consists mostly of guys staring down at LED-lit consoles, Mike Gao is king.

He’s surely got a better grasp of what’s happening inside all those button boxes than anyone else.

Mike recently gave the Low End Theory a little taste of the record. See below.


Mike Gao “the 10th letter” from Aaron Bennett on Vimeo.


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April 12, 2011 at 12:56 pm

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