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LA Beatmaker/Inventor Mike Gao Casting Sun Shadows On the World

We knew Mike Gao built that army of sound robots for something.

Image credit: Teebs/Alpha Pup

Next week, Mike Gao drops Sun Shadows, an LP the LA producer hinted at when we interviewed him as our Artist of the Week.

With Sun Shadows, Mike Gao proves that machines have soul too, using his own inventions to produce funky, glitchy, wonky beats.

The collection of nine tracks will drop on April 12th amidst a storm of other releases from the LA beat scene.

Co Fee, Ground is Lava, Daedelus, Mono/Poly, Matthewdavid… There must be a magnetic field peaking brain activity on the West Coast. I want to go to there.

We get to hear one track off Sun Shadows so far. “Don’t Fake the Funk” featuring Zackey Force Funk, a man who owns at least one gold plated track jacket. Hear below.

Teebs did the artwork for this one. The man is caught doing art yet again.


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