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Album Review> Daedelus' Bespoke is a Mess of Pop and Noise

Daedelus deserves credit for his influence on the LA beat scene and album after album of truly original music. But…

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Bespoke ventures a bit too far into unconventionality. When it comes to pure listening experience, the record doesn’t satisfy, though everybody’s giving Daedelus props for collaborating with different vocalists and theming his album with the concept of tailored suits.

While those two elements are interesting, the songs themselves are the most muddled collection of tracks he’s come out with. Daedelus’ started in the vein of abstract hip hop and jazz and has moved onto avenues of abstract everything else.

As time passes and albums drop, his music becomes more of a challenge to listen to. That’s a good thing, but Bespoke is one step too far.

Daedelus has always had a skill for putting a few dissonant sounds together and making them into a hot loop (for example, this gem). Sometimes it’s more hip hop oriented, sometimes it’s more jazzy, and this time, it’s more pop; dance beats, repetitive parts, and vocals all over the place. There are mismatched sounds played at the same time, but instead of a charming, delicate balance, it sounds like he’s playing every sound he tested for the loop at once without regard for which ones work and which ones don’t.

There’s simply too much going on for this to be an enjoyable listen.

It’s true that sometimes records that bewilder in the present are ahead of their time, and five years from now Bespoke may be revered as a groundbreaking record. But for now, stick to listening to Daedelus’ Invention and Rethinking The Weather, and put Bespoke somewhere where you can find it a little while from now.

[April 26, 2011; Ninja Tune]
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