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Greek DJ Blend Mishkin Gives Us a Taste of The Islands, But Not Greek Islands

Oh a blender, I get it, hahahaha

Image credit: Paris DJs

We can thank the Greek for inventing columns, math, and feta cheese. We can thank Blend Mishkin, who is Greek, for linking every song on his new mixtape’s tracklist to their respective internet homes. How considerate!

Mishkin put together this mix of reggae and dub songs for Paris DJs and its a fun tape to rock as it’s getting warm, but be careful, some of this stuff is dangerously cheesy.

If you’re over 30 and you leave you’re top two shirt buttons open and you use any amount of hair product, be wary that being caught bumping stuff like this will galvanize your douche-ness. However, if you’re young and laid back and lounging on your porch on a hot day, you’ll be A-OK.

I haven’t heard of most of the artists on this mix, but that’s how you want a dub mix to be. Mishkin did the work of finding the obscure tracks, likely through his DJ activities throughout Europe, and you get to remain oblivious about the details and just bob your head to the reggae beat, mon. Sorry, that was awful.

The track below is one of 17. Check out the entire list, complete with links, here.


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March 24, 2011 at 5:40 pm

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