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Bands We Like: Sahy Uhns Revolves Around Science

Say “Sahy Uhns.”

Photo credit: Sahy Uhns/MySpace

It’s actually pronounced “Science,” but we’re glad for the creative spelling as it makes the LA producer far more Google-able. Sahy Uhns is the founder of Proximal Records, yet another label that showcases abstract hip hop production in LA, the city it represents through its roster.

His collective is just getting started, and his name is just getting out now, but Sahy Uhns has been composing music since his teen years. In his beats, you can hear that unmistakable G-Funk element that west coast hip hop is built on, as well as the same ambient/electronic sound that’s embraced by the beatmakers concentrated in the LA area.

So far, we’ve only heard Sahy Uhns’ tracks on a few compilations, including those on Proximal’s Beat Stew volumes 0-2 and Narrative of a City, and they’re enough to make me crave an album. Hear some stuff below and build your appetite for Sahy Uhns.



Written by M

March 22, 2011 at 11:55 am

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