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Shankles Makes His Debut With Dream-Like Gully Foil

A not-so-gully sound.

Image credit: Shankles/Bandcamp

I know “Shankles” sounds like the next step in the evolution of “cankles,” but in fact this UK producer has nothing to do with slang for unfortunate body types.

Shankles is a producer, one who mixes live instrumentation with textured electronic sounds to create music that’s sentimentally melodic (think Bonobo) and ambiently spooky (think Teebs) at the same time.

Shankles himself calls on influences like Four Tet, Clark, Nostalgia 77, Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, and Alex B. And yes, the sound is just that eclectic across seven tracks. This isn’t some of that  blow-your-headphones/blow-your-mind stuff that shatters genre barriers. It’s a nice contribution to a growing genre of music that sounds like it was forged in some kind of dream realm. Likely birthplace: Boards of Canada.

Get Shankles debut, Gully Foil EP, for free here. There will be more from Shankles, and it will be good.

Hear “Branches” below.



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