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Producers Unite to Aid Japan Relief Effort with Nihon Kizuna

Relief in the form of music.

Image credit: Nihon Kizuna

Nihon Kizuna started out with just a few Tokyo-based artists who wanted to put their talents to work to help with relief efforts. All proceeds from a compilation of their music would be donated to Japanese recovery. They got one heck of a boost for their project when artists from all over the world donated tracks to this comp. As the list grew, so did the reputability of its roster.

As of now, Nihon Kizuna has 50 tracks on it from producers of every electronic style under the sun. Artists from All City Records, Ninja Tune, and One Handed music are all over the record. Some names you might recognize are Onra, Kode 9, Fink, Kan Sano, Kid Kanevil, Doshy, Mexicans with Guns, and the Qemists.

The artwork by Justin Sereni suggests a Japan clouded in disarray, reminding us of the dire need for assistance in the affected regions of the country.

When disaster strikes, music can do little directly to restore the loss, but this is one way in which the artists themselves can help. Check out the comp here and see if it’s worth a donation. (It is).



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March 21, 2011 at 6:23 pm

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