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France's Evil Needle Makes Beats, Loves Little Brother

Badness in a syringe.

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Being French, beatmaker Evil Needle has to have at least one beat with some cheesy disco style vocals on it. The rest of his stuff is a little more on the new school instrumental hip hop tip. Sharp snare sounds, syncopated beats, and droning synths form the bulk of his tracks.

Evil Needle has done us the solid of showing us how these beats come to be in a YouTube video showing his hands working from a thoughtfully easy to discern angle. Watch as he spins a smooth jazzy track out of nothing, making the whole process look easy as pie… or rather, easy as éclair.

So far, there are no full releases from Evil Needle. Just a nice collection of remixes, beats and pieces called Evil Needle Homeworks which you can check out here. Clearly, the guy loves Little Brother and has remixed a bunch of their tracks.

Evil Needle is as yet unsigned, but he’s been releasing music consistently for the past couple years and he’s due for a 2011 release. Do it, Needle. Make it nice and Evil.



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March 18, 2011 at 5:40 pm

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