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Producers from All Over to Remix German R&B Singer Taprikk Sweezee

Das ist ein guten remix.

Photo credit: Error Broadcast

German R&B singer Taprikk Sweezee got an Iggy “Wow!” for the spaced out R&B on his recent EP Poly, and that exclamation will get exponentially louder now that he’s joining forces with some of our favorite experimental hip hop producers for the Poly remix album.

Appropriately, Mono/Poly is one of the guys on it. So are Kidkanevil, Montgomery Clunk, and Monolithium. So in case you didn’ get that, Taprikk, who is from Germany, is getting remixes by a Los Angelean, an Englishman, a Romanian, and a Canadian. It took a guy with a bastardized version of Patrick Swayze for a name to bring all these nations together. Kudos.

The remix album will be out on Error Broadcast later this year. Below is a one off collaboration Sweezee did with E.A.R.L., Busy, and HBO, along with  fun little video. Stay tuned for more on this.


Eating at the Void from chichirik on Vimeo.


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March 17, 2011 at 4:08 pm

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