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The Next Best Thing to Being At Low End Theory, Los Angeles

Teleport me to LA.

Image credit: Low End Theory

Aside from being a great Tribe Called Quest album, The Low End Theory is an influential venue in LA hip hop. Every week, two contemporary legends of the LA beat scene conspire to make heads bob with a live set at Low End Theory, and the list of duos is enough to make any glitch-hop head’s mouth water.

Names that pop up again and again are D-Styles, Shlohmo, Nobody, Daddy Kev, and Gaslamp Killer. Occasional appearances by guys like Daedelus, Free The Robots, and Mono/Poly are no surprise. If you’re not a super beat nerd, right now you’re probably like “what the hell is this guy talking about,” but if you are a nerd like me you’re probably more like “EEEEEEEEEEEEE I wish I lived in LA!”

It’s true, LA is the stage of a revolution in the sound of instrumental hip hop, and Low End Theory is it’s epicenter. Thankfully, they have done the world the courtesy of recording and archiving these soon-to-be-historic sessions in the form of the Low End Theory podcasts.

Episode 19 just went up, and this time around it’s Gaslamp Killer and ambience loving Englishman Jon Hopkins. The music is killer. Listen to it. Dig back all the way to episode one in this archive.


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March 16, 2011 at 5:07 pm

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