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Jeremiah Jae: As Unexpected As You Would Expect From Brainfeeder's First Rapper

Yes, it’s still rap.

Photo credit: Jeremiah Jae/MySpace

The bulk of music on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder is some amalgamation of hip hop, including the founder’s tracks.

There’s boom, often bap, and plenty of samples, backing the argument that even though it doesn’t sound like traditional hip hop, in some shape or form, this is an extension of the sound that emerged from the South Bronx a few decades ago.

Jeremiah Jae, a young Chicagoan, is the only MC on Brainfeeder, and as you would expect, he’s anything but conventional.

The beats are droney and odd. The percussion consists of muddled patterns that emerge in off kilter phrases. Jeremiah’s raps are effected and echoed out, but instead of the incoherence of his words being off putting, they make you listen even harder.

El-P and Antipop Consortium were experimental a decade ago, and hip hop has gone to weird enough places since then that it requires guys like Jeremiah Jae to push the boundaries yet further. No doubt, these tunes are trippy throughout and jarring at times. But this kid is really good at bringing lyrical rap into the Brainfeeder realm, and that’s what counts.

Jeremiah Jae’s Brainfeeder debut, Rappayamatantra, is out on March 22nd.

Hear an earlier track below.


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