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Bands We Like: DJ, Producer, Maker of Digital Instruments Mike Gao

Builder of machines.

Photo credit: Mike Gao/MySpace

Mike Gao is equal parts musician and inventor. Seriously, he’s like the freaking Thomas Edison of experimental hip hop.

Aside from releasing dicey, glitchy hip hop on Galapagos4, the Chinese-American, LA-based producer also creates machines that revolutionize the art of DJing and production.

Among the various robots of his imagination, Mike Gao has had a hand in creating Beatbox 2 MIDI, which allows you to trigger sounds using your mouth; Turntable Gestures, which allows you to control parameters using hand-on-vinyl motions, and the touch screen drum machine, which you can watch in action below (rather, which you have GOT TO SEE below).

It’s imaginative stuff, and I want it all. But Mike Gao is the man who knows how to use these innovations to their fullest potential.

His style chimes in with a lot of the instrumental, wonky, stuttery hip hop in LA, but while the other guys are rocking APC40s, Mike Gao’s got an arsenal of androids at his disposal.

That’s one big reason to like him.



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March 15, 2011 at 12:58 pm

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