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New Unknown Sounds from Dutch Producer 2562

A Made Up Sound

Dog Daze


Family Aquatic Affair

Hailing from the Hague, Netherlands, Dave Huismans is a man of many names, and one of those names isn’t even a name at all, it’s a number. Aside from being the year in which we finally make contact with an alien species, 2562 is the moniker Huismans takes to producer bass heavy beats with a lot of drums.

While descriptions all over the internet describe the work under this name as “dubstep,” the new tracks posted on his Soundcloud page hint at a style yet unknown and unnamed.

These tracks clock in at the tempo of slow house, and there’s lots of syncopated bass drum action. It sounds a little like Farben. Whatever category it falls into, it’s good dancy stuff and has me itching to hear the album.


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March 8, 2011 at 10:37 am

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