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New Video from Berlin Rockers Paris Suit Yourself

A video.

Photo credit: musicsnobbery

Berlin-based weirdos Paris Suit Yourself chose their least weird song on My Main S**tstain for a video.

It’s probably an attempt to lure you into their dark twisted world of gin flasks, cigarettes, frilly clothes, and long nose masks. And it will probably work.

The video for “Sometimes” is an ode to drinking and driving in the city. The grainy footage depicts a depressed motorist in Berlin (or is it Paris? Or someplace else?).

It’s kind of a lazy video, looking like its maker blew his budget on a vice and made up for it by taping the entire thing from a moving car.

The song is great though. As mentioned, it’s on of their conventional songs. The rest of them don’t quite sound the same, but be glad that the falsetto singing is ever present on their album.


Paris Suit Yourself – ‘Sometimes’ (official music video) from Caliko on Vimeo.


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March 3, 2011 at 1:22 pm

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