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MTV Exclusive Interview with Odd Future

Say the name. OFWGKTA.

Photo credit: Liveforthefunk.com

Everybody’s talking about Odd Future. Something about the rapping gang of teenage LA skateboarders is having an affect on the masses. The beats are simple, the rhymes are twisted, and the image is all kinds of warped, but what exactly makes the Odd Future carwreck of culture something the world can’t help but stare at?

MTV New got an exclusive interview with Tyler the Creator and his crew. It took place on a dingy Chinatown bus from New York to Philadelphia, choice transportation for grimy youths shuttling between big town and little town.

Tyler describes his hopes for OFWGKTA, a vision filled with the naive grandeur of any 19 year old. The difference is, this one actually has the means to do it.


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February 25, 2011 at 3:16 pm

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