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LA's Mophono Drops "Cut Form Crunch" ft. Flying Lotus


Mophono at work. Photo credit: BrooklynRadio.net

When he’s rocking a party playing record after record, he’s DJ Centipede. When he’s creating compositions that fall in line (albeit a squiggly line) with his compatriots at Brainfeeder, call him Mophono.

The LA producer just dropped the title track from his forthcoming album Cut Form Crunch. This little ditty features guest production from Flying Lotus, who gives it some of his signature sounds from space.

This being the only sound we’ve heard from the upcoming full length, it’s hard to say if Mophono has adopted the current sound of LA instrumental hip hop or if he’ll adhere to the breakbeat centered, Blockhead-esque sounds of his earlier work, like his debut I Cry.

Whatever, either way it will be awesome. Hear “Cut Form Crunch” below.

“Cut Form Crunch”


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February 16, 2011 at 1:38 pm

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