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New Extra Cold Tracks from Moscow Producer DZA

DZA is not trying to ride the Wu train by any means.

Yes, that's a Siberian tiger lunging at you. Photo credit: DZA/Soundcloud

He’s a producer who creates epic electronic bangers in the frozen tundra that is Moscow. Somehow, you can hear the chills and snow through his echo-y snare sounds and drippy synthesizers. The imminence of subzero temperatures is especially loud and abrasive on his 2010 beat tape Five Finger Discount. Tracks like “Cold As Hell” and “Eskimo” really reflect his plight.

The weather must still be getting to DZA, because there are a couple of fresh tracks up on his Soundcloud page. There’s a fast and spastic remix of a song called “deezahstar” (for which the original is unfindable on the inter-webs), a dubstep-paced track called “MT SKOROST,” and a collab with one of our new obsessions, Romania’s Montgomery Clunk.

Still waiting on a collab between DZA, KZA, and Phantomhead Murderah, but that might just be a pipe dream.

DZA & Montgomery Clunk – “New Year Loop”

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F8591092 dza/montgomery clunk – new year loop by DZA


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January 26, 2011 at 2:20 pm

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