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Exclusive!! Get Bright Light Bright Light's 80s Pop Remix of The Brute Chorus' "Birdman"

The Brute Chorus and their remixer Bright Light Bright Light. Photo credit: strongroomlondon

The Brute Chorus’ dark imagery and throwback rock n’ roll style bring back memories of psychobilly —  tight suits, big guitars, and two tone shoes. Their single “Birdman” takes it a step further. It’s the story of a modern day voodoo shaman told through frontman James Steel’s half Robert Smith, half Jerry Lee Lewis singing style, vocals that no one would think to lay down over electronic pop.

Enter Welsh artist Bright Light Bright Light, who gives “Birdman” an 80s sheen with a remix featuring oozing synths and an effects-drenched reworking of Steel’s vocals.

\”Birdman\” Bright Light Bright Light remix

Bright Light Bright Light has been lauded for his dancefloor friendly pop music that is so 80s you can just see a pair of legwarmers doing the sidestep dance (one arm on hip, one arm swinging, fingers snapping, lots of jerky movements…you get the picture). Plenty of folks have been calling him a male version of Robyn, and this boy wonder can play instruments and craft remixes all on his own. His version of “Birdman” is just a sample of what he can do with rock n’roll music.

In addition to original version (see first paragraph), and the remixed, glimmering and glossy Bright Light Bright Light version, director David Fishel’s music video for “Birdman” adds a third spin to the song. The shaman is now a bundled-up homeless man trying to share his dark spells with commuters on a city bus. Let’s see what kind of reaction he gets.


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January 14, 2011 at 1:25 pm

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