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Mr. Oizo is Trying to Scare You with a Rubber Tire

Admit it, you love French producers.

It's coming to get you.

Whether it’s the loungy throwback style of Dimitri from Paris, or the electronic bump of Daft Punk, or the soulful bass-ness of Breakbot, their readiness to bring out the cheese-factor is unmatched by beat makers of any other country. In the classroom of these scruffy gents, Mr. Oizo (Quentin Dupieux) is the kid in the corner. He got huge in the late 90s for his song “Flat Beat,” unforgettable for the quickening oscillation in that bass line, but anyone looking for funky French goodness on one of his albums quickly learned that this guy is just a little bit touched in the head.

That inkling is reinforced by Oizo’s most recent film. That’s right, he also makes movies, and his newest one Rubber is weirder than hell. Rubber tells the tale of a supernaturally gifted tire that rolls around and kills people with its mind. Rural police departments are no match for the titular character and soon find that…well…let’s just say it gets even weirder.

The film has made its rounds at film festivals, including Cannes, and film buffs see it as a satirical commentary on film viewership and the dying art of storytelling. Regular folk, however, see it as awesomely hilarious because it’s about a killer tire. At very least, everyone can agree that the soundtrack is as odd and delicious as anything he’s ever done.

Rubber will be getting a theatrical release soon, we’ll let you know!

Watch the trailer for Rubber


Rubber – Teaser Trailer from LES MÉDUSES on Vimeo.


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January 12, 2011 at 12:31 pm

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