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Bands We Like: The Atmospheric Experiments of Tijuana's Murcof

Murcof once channeled the boisterous sounds of Tijuana jazz as part of that city’s Nortec Collective, but his solo work follows lines of classical music gone mad. Indistinct rhythms built from collections of synthetic drums lay the groundwork for atmospheric sounds in long, sprawling compositions. Just when you thing it’s all just going to be wispy sounds of air moving, haunting vocals and traces of guitar swing in and fall into bigger beats. Never too big, though. Murcof has a way with dirivng you nuts with a few stabs of sound here and there before handing you something melodious and enthralling that keeps you listening through an eight minute duration.

Goatee driven mysterioso. Photo credit Murcof/MySpace

Though he hasn’t put out a proper release since 2009’s La Sangre Iluminada, Murcof has been popping up in some strange places. At the end of last year, he appeared in a series of performances with Talvin Singh and Swiss jazz trumpeter Eric Truffaz at the Blue Frog in Mumbai. Shortly after, he performed at Berghain in Berlin along with Oval and Rechenzentrum, both of whom have an abstract take on sound and visual art. It all might sound a little high brow foofy-lame but it’s pretty accessible and Murcof is not too artsy fartsy to lay down some genuinely good sound layering and call it electronic music.

Murcof receives most of his praise for a release called Versailles Sessions, we’re waiting for him to top himself in 2011. Do it Murcof! Make something that will gently blow our headphones off!

Check out Murcof’s “Una”


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January 7, 2011 at 3:32 pm

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