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Quebec's The Lost Fingers Combine the 40s and the 80s Into a Single Era

Serious finger wagging music just hasn’t been the same since the era ruled by a three-fingered gypsy virtuoso, and awfully addictive pop music hasn’t the same since my generation’s most forgettable decade in music.

Watch your fingers. Photo credit: thelostfingers.com

Bringing the two together, however, makes for something timeless and addictive. Quebec’s The Lost Fingers cover pop hits of the 80s and 90s in the style of jazz manouche, the sound popularized by Django Reinhardt decades earlier.

The song most exemplary of this genre mash is probably their cover of Technotronic’s unforgettable dance anthem “Pump Up the Jam,” a song that died along with the jeans and hats people wore when they danced to it. The Lost Fingers give the song a swing makeover, turning it into an actual song. Suddenly you find yourself mouthing the words “I want… a place to stay…” Do it with headphones on in public to look a little extra crazy.

You’d think the novelty would wear off after a couple of songs, but it really doesn’t. Whether the original is by George Michael, Paula Abdul, or Bon Jovi, the hot jazz edition is all Lost Fingers. With their stamp on it, a song’s listenability becomes renewed.

The Lost Fingers just dropped an album in 2010 and have shows planned in Canada for this February. Be sure to catch them in action. Check out a clip from a live show below to get an idea.

Check out The Lost Fingers performing “Pump Up the Jam”


The Lost Fingers in Concert from Lee Andrew Productions on Vimeo.


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January 3, 2011 at 11:50 am

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