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Omid Malakan Breaks Down "Quantitative Easing" (aka "Printing The Money")

Now that people in America and the world over have been sufficiently screwed by the financial industry, it’s finally time for us to understand exactly what happened. But no text book is going to teach us, what with the esoteric language in place to deter us from even wanting to read past a subheading. Give us something we can understand. Something with, I dunno, cute cartoon characters, voice emulators, and a pleasing CGI landscape.

Who better to hear terrible news from?

Omid Malekan, a former trader, is cluing us in with videos that explain how civilization is currently crashing and burning around us using the cutest possible characters on easy-make video site xtranormal.com. Using the Socratic method, Malekan’s characters explain that “quantitative easing” actually means “printing a ton of money” and that it’s the last ditch effort of an economy going up in flames. Now there’s even an electronic dance mix.

The popularity of Quantitative Easing Explained has brought some attention to some of Malekan’s other projects, like Take a Load Off Fannie, a stock footage collage explaining the plight of Fannie Mae set to The Band’s “The Weight.” There are a few more gems on his site worth checking out. See 21st Century Breakdown below.


21st Century Breakdown from Malekanoms on Vimeo.


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December 30, 2010 at 4:51 pm

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