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Roots Manuva and Wrongtom Collaborate on Duppy Writer

Hip hop has made a home in different cultures thanks to the Roots Manuva’s of the world.

Duppy Writer is out now.

The British-Jamaican MC pioneered a sound that much UK hip hop is built on, and continues to deliver his tried and true style over beats that could only have emerged from the glitchy world of British electronic music. Following Roots Manuva, plenty of notable acts have graced the Big Dada imprint, but every now and then the man will come back with a record to teach new lessons.

His most recent work is a collaboration with London DJ and producer Wrongtom, who toured with indie rock act Hard-Fi. Wrongtom’s beats traverse the world of dub influence that still rings out in Manuvas’ rhyme style, from organic roots dub cuts to electrified dancehall grooves. The duo revisit some of Manuva’s old tracks and give them a new twist, but there are plenty of brand new gems on this one.

You might remember Wrongtom’s production from the last Roots Manuva release Slime & Reason. Check out “Dub for the Worms,” to whet your appetite, then dive right into the new release Duppy Writer.


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December 20, 2010 at 5:39 pm

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