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Parisian Producer Astronote Remixes Everything

Rising from the fragmentation of hip hop in the 2000s is a school that fits somewhere between the pure instant gratification of radio rap and the abstraction of indy label work that treats hip hop only as a distant precursor. Where diversity is distinctly absent from the former and a near absolute rule for the latter, it’s from the sweet spot in between that Parisian producer Astronote emerges.

French producer Astronote's newest mixtape, AstroNoMix

Astronote’s beats have the clean drum sounds and orchestral stabs of current convention as well as a little something extra in the smoothness department. The instrument patches he uses are layered organically. There’s none of that cheesy Casio tinge you hear from beatmakers too lazy to tweak. His sound got him plucked from France and into the studio with American heavy hitters like Talib Kweli, who hosted Astronote’s Notorious BIG remix project Bigger & Better. That was one of countless tracks for which he replaced the original beat with his own production and packaged with an audacious title like The Real Album,a remix of Jay Z’s American Gangster. Looks like adopting an American style brings the bravado with it. Maybe some of it came from his frequent collaboration with a guy who calls himself Majestic Legend.

Astronote’s newest mixtape, out last week, is a nice stack of assorted remixes and original production. Unless you keep your ear to the ground at street level, you may not have heard of most of the rappers on AstroNoMix (save for names like Ill Bill and Jay Electronica). If that makes you uncomfortable, you can warm yourself with his remix of Drake’s “Over.”

Check out Astronote’s new mixtape



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December 6, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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