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Ital Tek Needs No Translation for New "Babel" Video

Ital Tek’s brand of dubstep is perfect for those new to the beat style.

Ital Tek has a new video out for his track "Babel." Photo credit: planet.mu

The rhythms are text book examples of what can be done with cut time at 140 BPMs without bewildering the listener, and the atmospheric sounds are far less jarring than the sawtooth waves heard at high volumes by headphone masochists the world over.

The sound layering is plenty melodic here, and the compounding of ambient noises builds Ital Tek’s tracks into a bigger sound than you usually hear in dubstep. It’s the genre’s softer side, with thoughtful production that translates nicely into his new video for “Babel,” a track from this past summer’s “Midnight Color.”

The video starts off simply with a girl dancing to dubstep, but not in that 4 AM-strung out on [insert drug here] kind of way you’re used to seeing. For the slightly varying segments of the song, we see our dancer change in style and appearance. As soon as the bass kicks, she turns into a reptilian creature adorned in black light paint. A little more ambience and she’s filling the room with clouds of pastel dust. We see what they are going for here, and while it’s not an earth-shattering concept, its enough to keep you watching intently.

Watch Ital Tek’s New Video for “Babel”


ITAL TEK – Babel from Halcyon Nights on Vimeo.


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December 6, 2010 at 5:20 pm

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