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Bands We Like: Austrian Keyboard Wrecker Dorian Concept

Dorian Concept, Austria's keyboard prodigy. Photo credit 13th Plate blog

When an Austrian kid starts taking piano lessons at a young age, he could go in one of three directions: loathing the piano for life, becoming a classical virtuoso, or using his expert training to make a new kind of music all together. Dorian Concept went with door three. Named for a bit of harmonic jargon known as the Dorian scale, the 25-year-old Austrian joins the ranks of young producers serving intelligent dance music fans something a little more hip hop, retaining all the futuristic sounds of electronic pioneers of the 90s.

Setting Dorian’s sound apart is the jazz like composition of his melodies. He applies a funky Rhodes style to the halfway tweaked out sounds from his preferred MicroKorg, falling nicely over beats that follow a fairly strict boom bap until a syncopated pattern fades in to complicate things.

Dorian has dropped the bulk of his recent work on Dutch label Kindred Spirits, save for a handful of 12″ on other labels. Following his debut When Planets Explode this past May, he released remixes of a Jamie Lidell song and a Three 6 Mafia song on the same record. The Lidell remix goes as expected, but his hash of Three 6’s “Stay Fly” let’s you know with a drone why Dorian’s in league with artists like Flying Lotus. It’s tempting to make a Prefuse 73 comparison too, but the construction comes from the mind of an instrumentalist and not a sample chopper.

Aside from the talent and the relatively new found recognition, Dorian has got his youth going for him. With this much interesting sound accomplished by his mid 20s, we’re waiting to see what tricks he pulls out next. With his instrument virtuosity and one-man-army production style, he’s like a young Squarepusher. We know Dorian won’t mind that comparison one bit.

Check out Dorian Concept’s video for “Color Sexist”


Dorian Concept: Color Sexist from Halvor Bodin on Vimeo.


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November 30, 2010 at 12:34 pm

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