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Mexicans with Guns Stays Low and Keeps Firing

This is what it sounds like along the treacherous border between Mexico and Mexico from the future.

"Icaros" is featured on Friends of Friends' new compilation.

Thanks to the third installment of Friends of Friends’ compilation series, we got an earful of San Antonio’s Mexicans with Guns, the production alias of Exponential Records head Ernest Gonzales. MwG takes the sounds of Latin radio and turns them into ghettotech masterpieces. It might start with a slick, summery maraca, but in no time it’ll grow into an unapologetic crunk beat.

The comp features “Icaros,” a track that begins with a tweaked tribal vocal, moving into matching sounds of a drum circle. Suddenly, there’s a raw synth apreggio and the organic soundscape drops into pounding 808 bass drums and a slicing, reverberated snare. Give it another minute, and the whole thing switches yet again. This time, double-timing into a jump up club beat. By the end of it, it’s hard to remember how the track started, prompting you to play it right back from the beginning. You got us with that little trick, MwG.

What’s behind his lucha libre mask, we’re not 100% sure, and we don’t really care as long as the beats are this crunchy. If you want to hear where his sound has grown from, check out this year’s single Me Gusto. It’s remarkable how much the Latin rhythms shine through even when they’re buried so deep in laser sounds.


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November 22, 2010 at 6:09 pm

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