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Australia's Ghoul Gives Us a Preview of Their Next Haunting

Once again, a sound reaches our ears from Australia and has us hooked.

Ghoul releases "3Mark" from their up coming EP Dunks

Without using anything resembling a standard drum beat, Sydney’s Ghoul makes you do that neck-and-shoulder dance without realizing it, so you look like a spaz on the train. The four-piece band doesn’t always sound like one, pulling together a collage of little sounds to form a rumble — something like a digitized Homelife song but more dreary. Vocalist Ivan Vizintin sings in a throaty voice that fits the group’s range, emulating dance rock and sing songy IDM alike.

Ghoul has an upcoming EP called Dunks due out in January, to be released by Speak N Spell, which previously brought us sounds from Black Lips and The Walkmen, among others. Dunks is just a little appetizer to get us all hungry for their full-length release, which will be out later in 2011. Ghoul just gave the world a tasty whiff of what’s to come with “3Mark,”. The track moves from sound clutter to glitch a-la-Radiohead to funky clapping beat, with Ivan’s appropriately ghostly vocals coming at us straight before getting chopped into the beat. Before you know it, there’s a near-complete Afrobeat rhythm breaking out.

If this is any indication of how Dunks will go, we’re all ears. I’ve got a premonition that we’ll be talking about his again real soon.


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November 22, 2010 at 4:22 pm

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