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Das Racist Drops a New Track via Tweet

I’m up on this.

Das Racist drops a little gem. Photo credit Robert Kisby/Getty Images

New York’s Das Racist recently tweeted a track that speaks a little more to the mid 90s tail end of the golden age that I’m positive they listen to more than their contemporaries. A loungy guitar sample leads into a more dissonant one that made me think of Prince Paul’s sample in “Oodles of Os” (don’t say that sounds like “Cool Like Dat”). Guest Homeboy Sandman doesn’t share the relaxed, slow flow of the Das Racist MCs, but he sounds good fitting twice as many words per bar into the playful B part of the beat.

“I’m Up On That” is a slick and slow grooving track that’s a little break from the group’s bigger sounding beats. This one’s a keeper. Have a listen.

Read more about Das Racist, it’s good for you.


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November 4, 2010 at 1:34 pm

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