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Cut Copy Releases Part 2 of The Making of Zonoscope

So here’s what this is: It’s the second part of a documentary which is a teaser for the new Cut Copy album, Zonoscope, coming out in February. The hype surrounding the upcoming release is a testament to how big the Melbourne, Australia band has gotten since their 2008’s In Ghost Colors.

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Cut Copy releases part 2 of the making of their forthcoming album Zonoscope. Photo credit: Louise Wilson/Getty Images

Director Krozm gives us a black and white peak into the chasmal warehouse that is home to Cut Copy’s creative process. Pulling partially working instruments from the stacks around them, the setup the members have assembled looks like that of a glorified garage band, with blankets draped over musical objects to create makeshift sound booths among mountains of gear. While the end resulting electro-pop sound seems like it may emanate from a sterile and high tech studio environment, Cut Copy look like they’re having way more fun doing it this way.

In part 1 of the documentary, founder Dan Whitman hints that Cut Copy’s sound is what would have happened if the linear development of music diverged in the 70s, giving rise to an alternate future that plays on ideas that this future has forgotten. That explains the unapologetic cheese-factor, upbeat and sing-songy, that permeates Cut Copy’s music making it ever so listenable. Part 2 of the documentary gives us a look into how the group creates some of the sounds that find their way onto the record.


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